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More than a third of inShort users have taken advantage of the workflow.link service, they share their plans and business processes conveniently and effectively.


GRASPNew videos of GRASP project

Vaughn's diagrams are almost ready, and he shot two videos where he compares two different approaches to constructing one diagram. Studying the differences in diagrams, one can learn a lot of useful things in building well-readable schemes.

Part 8

7 MB

Those who want to get acquainted with the project can download intermediate materials to their workflow.link Desktop, here is the WFL file.


LOLBrief memo about the design time

Today” — tomorrow.

Tomorrow” — remind tomorrow that it's today already (see “today”).

During the week” — next Wednesday.

During the week, but before the weekend, please” — on Monday.

In two weeks” — a month.

Month” — an indefinite, very large amount of time.

Three months” — three indefinite, very large amounts of time.

By the autumn” — when the snow falls. Snow falls every year, so “by the autumn” is the most favorable term, which is almost impossible to miss.

In a year” — is not used, because there is “by the autumn”.

* It is a popular misconception that two weeks are 14 days. This is not true. Two weeks are 14 days + “during the week” (for the secondweek is not over yet) + tomorrow (“one day won't make a difference”). In special cases, the countdown of “two weeks” begins from the following Monday, thus a few more days are won.
If you are lucky, the result is a month's time and the delay just for one day (“tomorrow”).


Off-topicFuture and logos

Quite entertaining article HOW TO MAKE YOUR TEXT LOOK FUTURISTIC.

It's funny that the wokflow.link logo was seen as futuristic at creation, still, this is a service for building plans of the future in an innovative manner.

Well, one of the first versions of the logo looked like this :)


+1K!Pioneers of workflow.link

1000 users are already using advantages of workflow.link. On average, each of them created one new diagram.

Getting on to the service has started!


GRASPNew video about generating ideas

Vaughn Pierre prepared a new video, this time the diagram is about the generation of ideas by challenging assumptions. Watch it...

7 MB

Those who want to get acquainted with the project can download intermediate materials to their workflow.link Desktop, here is the WFL file.


GRASPMetaphoric stimulation

The project of creating diagrams about the system GRASP The Solution in workflow.link is advancing. Now Vaughn Pierre prepares diagrams for various techniques for generating new productive ideas. As an example, I cite a screenshot of the diagram of the search for ideas through metaphors. I hope you will enjoy. I also recommend the video on this project, links to new videos will be published here.


*Night report


*Hotel Gantt at night


*Workflow at night


HOORAY!Launching workflow.link!

After analyzing the reports on beta testing and conducting an overall assessment of the stability of the service, it was decided to open the workflow.link for regular operation.

We express our gratitude to all users who took part in the beta test! Thank you for being with us!

Subscription of all beta test participants was extended by 35 days.


X2!Test project by Vaughn Pierre

During the beta test, user Vaughn Pierre undertook to build a set of diagrams describing the GRASP system. It's quite a curious set of techniques for solving various problems so I took part in this activity. And not in vain: in the process of working Vaughn learned the workflow.link service better, and I got acquainted with GRASP.

Mike captures the progress of work on the project in the form of small videos, which will be useful to watch and get a double benefit: to get to know the work of workflow.link and at the same time learn about the basics of the GRASP system (Yes! This is COMBO X2!)

So far, three videos are ready: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Stay with us, to be continued…

Jury Shortki,
author of workflow.link


ALL ABOARD!Public access to testing of the service is open

To check how the service copes with the increased load, all restrictions on the registration and use of the service have been removed.

We invite everyone to participate in the beta test of workflow.link! Take your friends with you!


1-2-3! A closed beta test of the service is started

Active users of inShort received invitations to closed beta testing of workflow.link

Based on feedback on the work of the service, a decision will be made about the end of the test and the publicly launch of the project.