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New vision of the projects

The unique technique will let you see your projects form a bird’s eye view and keep track of every detail.

Notification: from December 1, 2019 the service will be disabled! Please transfer the diagrams important for you to the local application in advance.

Diagrams in your life

Use workflow.link to present your projects, workflows and goals as diagrams.


Detail your diagrams with nested elements until the processes become evident.

Breaking large tasks into simple ones you will build detailed and visible plan for achievement of your goals.

Diagrams are more informative than texts, reports and lists, just as pictures — more compelling to its descriptions.

Peter Bruegel the Elder

The Hunters in the Snow. 1565

Jagers in de Sneeuw

Wood, oil. 117 × 162 cm • the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.

The work is a part of six pictures cycle depicting different seasons (where five, including the Hunters in the Snow, survived).


People — 68

Birds — 29

Buildings — 54

Towers — 7

Bridges — 2

Foxes — 1

Cliffs — 5

Dogs — 14

Horses — 2

Chimneys — 19

Curling stones — 5

Hotels — 1

Saints — 1

Windows — 66


workflow.link diagram allows easy understanding of the tasks structure, optimal procedure for its fulfillment and importance of each of them.

So it shall be easy to explain your colleagues and employees their roles in the project.

And your customers will quickly realize what you're doing for them.

Team work

All project participants will be able to work with the diagrams simultaneously, watching the progress of their colleagues in real time.

It does not matter where you are. Using workflow.link you will always stay in the unified workspace.


Specifying the estimated due date for the diagram objects you generate the future project plan.

Gantt diagrams

workflow.link automatically generates Gantt diagrams on the basis of flow diagrams and specified plans.

Theory of Constraints

The technique of work with projects is based on the Theory of Constraints, providing you with unlimited capabilities to control the project.

workflow.link automatically determines the critical path, configures time buffers and sets late starts.

Even incredible goals become closer!


Appoint executors and equipment for project tasks to monitor the total load.

Assign means and materials to the processes.

workflow.link will calculate the total resources used and value of the project.


Execute the created diagrams for free.

Subscribe to create and edit diagrams for

$10 per month or $100 per year

First month subscription is free of charge.

Consequently, one project manager can work with any number of project participants.

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Main features

Construction of diagrams for processes and resources (Net PERT project diagram on the basis of the BPMN notation)

“Drilling down” diagram elements

Division of physical and data flows

Diagram checklists — step-by step control of the sequence of actions with the diagram

The possibility to specify the expected task due date both directly and parametrically

Advanced planning mode

Processes monitoring

Gantt diagrams view

General reporting system

Work calendars to accommodate various performance schedules

Work resources and its intent

Material resources, diagram calculation of the resources utilization

Allocation of works and resources

Export of diagrams as PDFs

Elements of the Theory of Constraints

critical path search;

allocation of project time buffers;

buffer size calculation;

late start calculation for feeding paths of the project;

tracking the time indicators in course of the project execution.

For inShort users

In depth, workflow.link is based on the techniques realized in InShort. So InShort users will understand the service operation at once!

Furthermore, inShort diagrams can be uploaded on-line and you will continue to work with it together with the other project participants. And vice versa: if necessary, service diagrams can be transferred to the app.

May your diving be successful!

The whole ocean of opportunities is waiting for you. Just dive in to the world of projects and workflows.